A collection of 7,777 mystically inclined women, all welcoming you home.

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(We Are Gonna Manifest It)

The Mystic Sisterhood is a warm community focused on the support of creativity, wellness, and spirituality. Your creativity comes from your soul, and the Mystic Sisterhood was created with keeping the balance of the two in mind.


Join Our Community

Wherever your interests may lie, everyone is welcome to take the hand of a Sister and become a part of our community.

We’re excited to see what the future holds and hope that the Mystic Sisterhood can be a home where you find your people.



Lisa the artist

LISA - Co-founder / Artist

Artist and co-founder Lisa used her combined love of creativity and spirituality as a starting point for the creation of the Mystic Sisterhood. Mystic Sisterhood began as a form of therapy for Lisa, through her art and spirituality she was able to turn her frustrations into manifestations and artistic inspiration and the Mystic Sisterhood collection was born!

When not hanging out in the Mystic manor or conjuring up Mystic Imagery, Lisa enjoys expanding her crystal collection and exploring new places/making new memories!

Lisa the artist

BEX - Co-founder

As co-founder and resident Mystic Sisterhood tarot reader, Bex enjoys building communities and weaving together creativity with the world of Web3. A lover of video games, books, and writing, you’ll often find her escaping into other worlds with enthusiasm. With a knack for curating coziness, Bex is excited to continue growing the Mystic Sisterhood - you’ll often find her in the discord’s ‘familiars’ and ‘foodies’ channels.

After Lisa and Bex met - and immediately formed a tightly knit friendship - Mystic Sisterhood grew beyond a project celebrating art and quickly developed into a dream of building a community that provides support and more to anyone who wants to join it.

Together they merged their talents, interests, and inspirations to build and continue to grow the wonderful community that exists today! They are constantly in awe of the warmth and love the community shows the project and each other and they are very much looking forward to meeting many, many more people as the Sisterhood continues to expand!

The Team

The Roadmap

slides of mystic sisters
10%Discord AMA with our artist and founder, Lisa Manton and team
25%7 Mystic Sisters released and delivered at random to wallets already containing at least one Mystic Sister
Original 1/1 piece by artist Lisa Manton airdropped into one Mystic Sisterhood holder’s wallet
  • Open up the Mystic Manor Art Vault for the purpose of purchasing and highlighting other artists in the NFT space
75%5 ETH Donation to charity (community voted)
100%Start Mystic SisterHood Creative Hub

The Seven


+ what is Mystic Sisterhood?

Mystic Sisterhood is a NFT project of 7,777 programmatically generated and mystically inclined women, all registered on the Ethereum blockchain. Holding one of these NFTs grants you 100% creative, ownership, and commercial rights to your Mystic Sister.

In addition, Mystic Sisterhood is a community built for individuals to connect, learn, and grow with each other. Whatever your passions may be, we hope you find your place here.

Note: 150 Sisters are being withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways, partnerships, and the development team's membership to the community.

+ who is the artist?

Lisa Manton is an illustrator and designer from Ireland. She graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2013 where she majored in Fine Art, Printmaking and Contemporary Practice.

Since graduating, Lisa has focused on developing her own personal illustration style which embraces fun color palettes, ideas and textures.

Lisa’s catalogue of work includes: NFT digital art, commercial and editorial illustrations, gaming background design, greeting card design and production.


+ how many can I purchase?

You can purchase up to 20 NFTs per transaction for the price of 0.05 ETH each.